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Getting a driver's license in Japan if you already have a valid license back in your country

If you meet certain requirements you may be eligible to obtain a Japanese driver’s license with simplified testing procedures.

The procedure involves submitting certain documents (listed below) to determine your eligibility. Once they are approved there will be a vision and color recognition check, after which there will be exams to test your knowledge of the driving rules and driving technique.

Eligibility Requirements.
  • Have a valid foreign driver’s license
  • Have lived in the country that issued the license for at least three months after the license was issued
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Hold a valid visa to stay in Japan
  • Be registered as a foreign resident at your local city, town, or ward office

Examination Process
  • Inspection of documents – followed by vision and color recognition check
  • Knowledge test – this is usually a ten question true/false test; seven correct answers are required to pass
  • Driving test – a test of skills on an enclosed course at the License Center
  • License preparation

After passing the driving test your license will be issued on the same day; first your picture will be taken, then you will pay the fee and receive your license

Please make a note of below 

1. You should translate your drivers license issued in your country to Japanese. You can contact for the procedures for translation

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