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What are the best ways to send goods from Japan to India/Other Countries?

There are many methods to send goods from Japan to other countries. Below are some of the economical methods 

1. Sending using Japan Post - International Parcel Post

  • There are three shipping types: Airmail, Surface mail and Economy Air (SAL).
  • A discount that offers a 10% to 20% available depending on the number of articles posted.
  • The maximum weight limit is 30 kg. (Weight limits vary by country.)
  • Procedures are easy and simple. Fill out the special parcel label and paste it on the package.
  • You can insure your parcels against loss or damage. (The amount of insurance varies by country.)

Rate and details available here   10 Kg will cost around 12,500 JPY for AIRMAIL

Checkout the Japan post site here

2. Japan Luggage express 

This service costs around 750 JPY ~950 JPY per Kg

Check out the website for more details and rates

3. International TA-Q-BIN Services

International TA-Q-BIN is a service for sending parcels overseas that can be used when gifts and sample products/goods, etc., are forwarded to countries around the world from Japan. With unprecedented low prices for international shipping and the easiness of TA-Q-BIN, your parcel will be delivered overseas without fail. In addition, you can also use International TA-Q-BIN for sending souvenirs or personal belongings from overseas to Japan.

Rate table here  Around 10Kg will cost 10,500 JPY 

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