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Garbage Disposal - Oversize trash (sodai gomi) - How to proceed?

To dispose of oversize trash, such as furniture or bicycles, contact your local authority (city hall) to arrange a special pickup service for a fee. The fee for a special pickup service may vary by community and also by type of items of which you wish to dispose; make sure to ask the authority about the exact fee when you arrange the service.

Four major home appliances, which are air conditioners, TV sets, refrigerators/freezers, and washing machines, cannot be picked up as oversize trash. If you are replacing those items with new ones, ask the store where you are buying the new one to collect the old one. If you only need to dispose of the old one and don't know where the item was purchased, contact your local authority and ask about an appropriate procedure (residents of 23 wards should contact the Home Appliance Recycling Center).

To recycle personal computers, request the collection of your computer from its manufacturer.

For details about local regulations for trash categories, collection schedules and recycling systems, contact the trash collection/recycling authority or department in the ward (or city, town or village) where you reside.

TMG Bureau of Environment: List of contacts for inquiries regarding trash disposal (Japanese only)

TMG Bureau of Environment: Home Appliance Recycling Law (Japanese only)

Tokyo Environmental Public Service Corporation: Home Appliances Recycling Center (Japanese only)

(The service is only available for residents in 23 wards.)


PC3R Promotion Association: PC Recycling


See below few ways you can proceed with the garbage disposal

(1) Booking through internet 

The term used is 'SODAI GOMI'. Go through site below:

You can book either through  phone or internet. If you can carry things to their centers it will be cheaper. In any case you need to pay and book time slot.

(2) Booking via phone

From Tokyo call 03-5296-7000. According to their instruction you need to buy the garbage disposal ticket from any convenience store, stick to the garbage and dispose on the day they mention. If you can carry the garbage directly to their place it is free.

OfficeName: Large Sized Waste Reception Center

Telephone: 03-5296-7000

Business Hour:

By Tel: 8:00am to 7:00pm (Monday through Saturday), 8:00am to 7:00pm (National Holidays)

Closed (Sundays)

(3) Recycle shop

Contact a recycle shop near your house and ask them to collect. They might charge you according to the item. 

(4) Moving vans

There are moving vans around. If you happen to see such van, you can request them to collect. Normally free as they take out the parts and sell.

5) Disposing Electrical and Electronic equipment

6) Other agents who support disposal service 

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