3 Day trip Itinerary to Izu Island, Hakone

The Izu Islands (伊豆諸島 Izu-shotō?) are a group of volcanic islands stretching south and east from the Izu Peninsula of Honshū, Japan. Administratively, they form two towns and six villages; all part of Tokyo Prefecture. The largest is Izu Ōshima, usually called simply Ōshima.

Blessed by its wonderful natural environment, superb scenery and an abundance of natural hot springs, Hakone is one of the leading tourist attractions in Japan. Very close to Tokyo! Enjoy the Hakone hot springs at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Notes: This post is created on the assumption that you will be going by Car

Day 1 - Mount Omuro, Jogasaki Coast. 

1. Set your Car Navigation to go through the Toyo Turn pike road. It is a toll road, but a beautiful drive.  You can use the phone number 0465-23-5321 - Use this no to reach Seven Eleven just in front of Toyo turn pike road. Just ahead of this take right. Sign board is there to enter the Toyo Turn Pike Road. I recommend going through this route to enjoy the natural beauty !!

2. Set Car Navi to Mount Omuro from Seven Eleven area. Navigation phone number is 05-5751-0258 

At 580m high, Omuro is the highest peak in the area, and there`s no path: you`re carried to the top in a fun few minutes in a rope way chairlift. The first things you find when you get there are a lookout point and Sancho-Baiten, a small shop where you can buy snacks and souvenirs. Its a very good experience !!

3. Next place we visited is Jogasaki Coast. Set car navi to  0557-51-2056 from Mount Omuro

The Jogasaki Coast is a beautiful section of coastline along the Izu Peninsula's eastern coast. An almost ten kilometer long hiking trail with beautiful views of the jagged cliffs and stone formations follows the coast.

The section around the 23 meter long and 48 meter high Kadowakizaki suspension bridge attracts the most tourists and is easily accessible from the parking area.

It is also possible to view the Jogasaki Coast from sightseeing boats. Cruises last about 30 minutes and depart every 40 minutes except for a break around lunch time. The fare is 1300 yen per person.