New comer's guide to living in Japan

Checklist of things which should be done within one month after your arrival in Japan


  • Have you found a place to live?
  • Have you entered into the lease contract after fully understanding the terms written in the contract and the conditions of living?

Resident Registration

  • Have you register your address in Japan to a local municipality? You must submit Move-in Notice” to a city office within 14 days after you decide your residence.


  • Do you know where nearby medical clinics and doctor’s offices are located?
  • Have you joined public medical insurance (“health insurance” for working people or national health insurance” for other people)?


  • Have you decided which school your children will go to?


  • Have you found employment?

  If not, you can consult Hello Work offices.

  • When concluding the employment contract, have you personally confirmed the working conditions?

Community Life

  • Do you know the common rules for the disposal of garbage in the area where you live?
  • Are you careful not to make loud noise in your daily life (particularly at night and in the early morning)?
  • Do you greet neighbors when you see them?
  • Are you involved in your local community, by joining a residents association, etc.?
  • Do you have contacts with other people from your country, by participating in networks among them, etc.?


  • Do you know where to evacuate in case of a disaster?

Things which should be done within three months after your arrival in Japan

Japanese Language Study

  • Are you making efforts to learn Japanese; by going to a Japanese language school, attending Japanese class, etc.?

Social Insurance Premiums

  • Do you know how to join social insurance (public health insurance, national pension plan, worker's accident compensation insurance, employment insurance and long-term care insurance)?

If not, please access the website of Multilingual Living Information at

List of Consultation Service Contacts

(Some language services are available on certain days of the week)

General Services

  • Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents (Japanese, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Romanian, Indonesian, and Bengalese)
  • : 03-3202-5535

Legal Problems

  • Japan Legal Support Center, Houterasu(Japanese and English)
  • : 0570-078374

Human Trafficking Problems

  • The Counseling Center for Women Anti Trafficking Project (NGO) (Japanese, English, Tagalog and Thai)
  • : 03-3368-8855, 045-914-7008

Work-Related Problems

  • Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners (Japanese, English and Chinese)
  • : 03-5339-8625
  • Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners (Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese)
  • : 06-7709-9465
  • Nagoya Employment Service Center for Foreigners (Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, Tagalog and Korean)
  • : 052-972-0253 : 0532-54-1192
  •  The list of Hello Work offices where interpretation service is available can be obtained at the following website:

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