What are the options available for sending money from Japan to India

1. Unimoni KK (Previously UAE Exchange Japan)

One of the easiest way for sending money to India. No paper work. Just one call or message in whats app will do.

What you have to do is 

1. Call or send a msg to Unimoni and check the exchange rate and block the rate

2. Transfer money to any of Unimoni accounts

3. Unimoni will send confirmation with receipt 

Please check more details here

2. State Bank of India

One of the convenient way to transfer money from Japan to India is through State Bank of India (SBI Japan). It will cost around 3000 JPY per transfer. For transfer amount above 500,000 JPY, the SBI provide different exchange rate. 

There are 2 options you can transfer money through SBI

i. You can visit any of the SBI branches and Tender cash (JPY) at the branch of SBI, Tokyo.

ii. Open a current account at SBI, Tokyo and thereafter Register under Fax Remittance Scheme in which you can credit your current account and convey instructions by fax for the remittance. 

In option (ii), you need not visit the branch every time to make the remittance.

For credit to your Currency Account you can use either the Furikomi system (tie-up with Mizuho Bank) or the Haraikomi system (tie-up with Japan Post)

I usually use option 2 and you can finish your transfer in 10~15 mts. Just transfer money from your local bank in Japan to SBI's MIzuho account and fax the remittance form and you are done. The money will reach your India account the same day and before hand you will know how much Rupee will arrive in the account. 

For more details visit http://www.sbijapan.com/personal-banking/tokyo.php?id=6#

3. Use Western Union 

Visit http://www.westernunion.co.jp/en/

4. Use Remit To India 

Visit https://www.remit2india.com/sendmoneytoindia/OtherCountries/index.jsp

5. Use Local Banks in Japan 

You can remit money to India from any of the local banks like UFJ, Mizuho, SMBC etc

Visit the foreign remittance counter and submit the form and money. It will cost around 4000 JPY  per transfer

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