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Electrical and Airconditioning Services in Tokyo

Below are some of the contacts who can support with AC servicing, installation and removal 

1. Contacts for removal/installation

Tamano 09040855689
Mukesh Sharma 08044232211
Moriyoka 090-3537-8338
Nakamura 090-9316-1033

  • Electrical services in the greater Tokyo area, 
  • Electrical Installation, repair and maintenance. 
  • Providing electrical services to the greater Tokyo area (Japan). 
  • Installation of different types of lights and equipment. 
  • Licensed electricians providing a professional job. 
  • Professional installation of Split Air Conditioners. 
  • Repair and maintenance of Air Conditioners (Tokyo). 
  • Removal of Air conditioning units and recycle services offered
  • Transportation to different location (Price determined by   distance). 
  • Removal of Air Conditioning services in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama. 
  • Air conditioning removal is served by English speaking   technicians
Check out more details at
Phone 090-6143­-6885

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